Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

1. When should I order a dumpster?

If needed, we can deliver the dumpster the same day you call. However, booking your rental in advance will ensure that we have the size you require for your project when needed

2. Is there anything I shouldn’t throw away in my dumpster?

 We can’t take vehicle tires, wet paint (leave it dry in the can), hazardous waste, liquids, chemicals, petroleum products, pesticides, herbicides, electronic waste like T.V.s and computer monitors, or food waste (food waste requires prior arrangements and increased fees for proper disposal). Concrete, bricks, and topsoil, for example, must be approved first.

3. How full can the dumpster be?

You should fill the dumpster up to the top. We then cover the contents with a tarp to prevent debris from spilling out during shipment.

4. When are you going to pick it up?

When you’re ready, call us at +(910) 828-6065,and we’ll come to clear up the space. Keep the driveway clear when ready for the bin to be picked up.